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By: vinnigretos | May 27, 2020

According to a recent survey conducted in America there has been an enormous growth in Xanax abuse and addiction cases. About 1.2 million people were estimated to have shown either Xanax addiction symptoms or symptoms of Xanax withdrawal. So if you are a Initial user of Xanax, it is advised to go through this blog which would help you to avoid the unwanted effects or after effects of Xanax pills for a longer period.

Causes of Xanax addiction

Generic Xanax or Alprazolam is a medication for anxiety prescribed by the doctors to cure symptoms of anxiety, sleep disorders, Short-term depression and to provide relief in panic disorder. The active stimulant Alprazolam in the drug produces calming effect on the the brain and balances the unbalanced secretion of hormones. It targets the central nervous system and controls the abnormal excitement in the brain which leads to the symptoms of anxiety. It is safe when taken with proper consultation with the doctor and taken the prescribed amount as directed. It can cause addiction if taken in a larger amount for a longer time.

  1. Genetics – Individuals having a relative who is dealing or has a history of addiction to Xanax or other substance are more likely to get addicted to Xanax. The risk of addiction increases if a family member is an addict.
  2. Inborn neurological defects- Individuals having increased levels of neurotransmitters who use Xanax to calm the neurological excitement cam get dependent on the medication.
  3. Psychological- People suffering from undiagnosed mental issues might resort to usage of the drug to provide relief from the disorder and can end of being dependent on it.
  4. Environmental causes - Individuals who are born and raised in an unstable house environment with substance abuse are more prone to be an addict themselves.

Tips to overcome withdrawal symptoms

When a user becomes physically and psychologically dependent on Xanax and tries to stop the intake of Xanax, he or she is more likely to go through various symptoms of Xanax withdrawal such as insomnia, nausea, vomiting, depression, suicidal thoughts and weird behavior.

Below are the few tips which can be helpful to overcome withdrawal symptoms

  • Detox medication - Unlike opiate medication, there is no long term detox medication for Alprazolam withdrawal but the symptoms such as insomnia, muscle stiffness and pain or even nausea can be treated with medical aid.
  • Enroll for a professional detox program - Getting a professional supervision, therapeutic as well as medical monitoring can help the patient become drug-free by the end of the program.
  • Interaction with people - Interact with a patient who is already going through detox or been through it. It can help you to gather the information about the necessary modus operandi as a patient to be able to compliment the program. Also talking to the therapist about the guidelines and assistance towards the therapy can be extremely helpful for a quick recovery.
  • Make healthy choices - Avoid foods with too much fat, oil and sugar . Replace it with healthy food or fruits which have the essential nutrients to nurture the brain and body. Also little exercise such as brisk walking and light exercises can be useful to mend body and mind after addiction (


There are certain precautions which need to be taken before you use this drug.

Do inform the doctor if you:

  • are allergic to Alprazolam or medicines of same kind;
  • consuming any type of vitamin and supplements;
  • consuming any sort of herbal product such as St;
  • have Glaucoma, he may tell you not to take Alprazolam Talk to your doctor about safe consumption of alcohol

Also discuss with him about the suitable dosage according to your age. Even if during the process of consuming the product you experience any sort of side effects, you must inform your doctor about it. The symptoms may include – drowsiness, light-headness and nausea.

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